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Water/Fairy is such a broad concept that it was hard of me to think of what to draw exactly. I kinda ended up drawing this little scuba diver dude that breathes/makes bubbles with the tube on his head
EDIT: Did some more sketches to play with bigger body types and whatever (since this'll be a wall it needs something to be chunky :boi:)
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Bonus artwork: Initial planning sketches

"En garde! In the name of chivalry, I challenge thou, vile beast of fang and scale, to a duel that shall stir the seven seas! HAVE AT THEE!!!"

Banking off of Fairy being super-effective against Dragon and the general discussions regarding CAP33's gameplay currently skewing towards an emphasis on speed rather than hard defense, I decided to go for a "dragonslayer" motif for this submission. So here is a valiant sea-knight with seashell armor and weaponry, based on both a (rather literal) swordfish and the zitrion - a medieval bestiary creature that was first described as a big shield-like fish before becoming a sort of armored merman. The original description of the creature was more turtle-like but since it seems like we're going to be emphasizing the speed aspect of this design, I went with something a bit zippier here, though the shell-shields on its fins can certainly perform a defensive function as needed. The Fairy type is also associated with the moon so I added a slight lunar motif which may be more emphasized with the color patterning and such during the later stages of refining this design - the tail especially resembles a crescent moon if you look closely. Plus, swordfish are most active during the night, so it also fits well enough if we end up getting Moonblast or something. This is definitely one of the more physically-oriented designs and has a good chance of getting screwed over during the stats poll, but we shall see where the current discussions on the competitive aspects of CAP33 take us in the coming weeks!
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This is my first CAP mon idea for a water/fairy lifeguard kappa!also inspired by how kappa are well versed in medicines and can heal others, this pokemon would use its powerful swimming abilities to rescue others and heal them with the pure water on its head bubble! it can also detach its large shell to use it as a floatation device or even a surfboard.

Open to any feedback or suggestions!


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  • Made the legs more agile-looking (to support a high speed stat).
  • Tweaked proportions and shapes.
  • Added preliminary colors.
To do:
  • Make the design more lithe.
  • Figure out a more natural-looking pose.
  • Figure out how to draw multicolored bubbles.
  • Start from scratch once we get CAP 33's primary ability. :P
Thanks to the following users for feedback!
  • Bloopyghost
  • Explosion Badger
  • Fenghuang
  • Mos-Quitoxe
  • Sunfished


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So this is going to be a fun one [/sarc], finding water animals and concepts that haven't been done to death, are accessible, aren't overly obscure and aren't overlapping with other sketches. I'm keeping wary with initial sketches while more aspects get hammered out, but let's dive in (pun not intended)...
  • Circus walrus who defends himself by throwing cream pies really really fast
  • Princess seahorse bubble blower who protects herself with pretty bubbles blown through her tail
  • Dreamcatcher jellyfish for whom I ran out of space to do more + not sure about what details I want just yet
Though I am feeling the walrus more at the moment. How many seahorses do we already have?
cap 33 wip.png

I saw "fast wall water/fairy type" and immediately thought of a (more literal interpretation) of a sea butterfly, a type of tiny, adorable, whimsical little sea snail that has a shell and swims through the sea by flapping its little wing-like fins just like a butterfly. In the design, it also makes it look like it has silly Dumbo ears :3

A gangster dolphin based on Boto cor de Rosa. These are shapeshifting river spirits that cause their share of mischief on the water. Given the nefarious activities dolphins generally tend to get into, I decided on a charming gangster motif. Made a suit pattern from the fact that the famous pink colour is from scar tissue (males are THAT rough). Lastly, the hat is because Boto cover their blowholes
Gangster Boto.png

This time with some colour. The grey is on the top like it would be on the boto. Essentially complete; may mess around with the hat a bit more, as I've had more than one person tell me it looks like an eyeball (and it's NOT, lol). Fastest I've been able to do a piece so far, and actually managed to have fun with this one
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Fiiiiiine moooom, I'll post opinions. There's a lot so let's get started. If I don't say anything about your design then I don't have anything to really say.

Me - Obviously the best design here, like, where is the competition here? (This is obviously a joke)

Gaboswampert - Probably the first design here that really stood out to me, as in I really liked the design. I really haven't seen anything else like it on the forum and I think it 100% fits the criteria we are looking for right now, I always loved the more beast type looking fakemon and this one is no exception, good job!

Weakness Policy Contrary - Next up is one that I don't think got a lot of recognition. Personally... I hate humanoid looking mons, I have no damn idea what it is but I despise them....... so whatever you did to make me like this one, good job. Honestly, this mon actually looks pretty good, I really like the design, and somehow the simplicity of the drawing just does it a favor?

BlorengeRhymes - While I do love the design on it's own, I really don't see it being the fastest pokemon, I mean sure I'll give it bulky cause god knows how the small things like Pyukumuku or Pincurchin are tanky but they are so I'll give you the pass there. Other then that one thing I love the cute yet simple design of the mon, maybe the ability will come out and make this one more appealing to me? Who knows?

NoahIOTJ - Honestly, just yes. I love the design and I really think it fits the bulky yet fast design aspect. What else is there to say other then this is a good one.

Bennybotabota - Yet again, just another mon that just looks great, looks bulky and fast, looks great design wise, nothing more nothing less.

Yokaiju - Honestly, can't go wrong with a Yokaiju design. And this one is good. I love the design, fast and bulky 100% and really just pleasing to look at. The one and only thing I have to say is I sadly don't see the fairy type in it right now. Other then that, good work as usual.

Felis Licht - The moon fish is a great choice, I love the design and I can see how the water and fairy type is incorporated nicely. The mon looks bulky so that's a plus, but... ah, for me it doesn't look fast. The mon looks like it would be pretty slow, especially because of how slow the moon moves across the sky, how poetic of me. Maybe if you could make the mon appear a bit faster then the issue could be solved? That's my only con about your design because the rest of it is simply stunning.

Morghulis - The last one I think I'll be covering is this here crab. The design is nice, and I can certainly see it being bulky and maybe a bit fast... but I have one issue with the design, and it's that it looks more like a ground type then a water or fairy type. Sand is literally one of the biggest things a ground type could have so that's probably why I think of ground typing when I look at this specific design.

I can't wait to see more designs later cause it's always my favorite part of the CAP process. GL everyone and have fun making designs!

Woah dudes, it's a radical evolution of the oyster concept I had from the beginning. I asked myself: How do I make the shell help it go fast and not slow it down? The answer....make it a surfboard of course!! :D now this goddess is also a totally tubular surfer girl. The top shell even fits as a surfing cap! The body itself has also been given an overhaul, complete with even more pearls and a flamboyant rainbow color scheme to make it really pop. And why not throw in a cool shades-like eye pattern and cheeky grin to give it a cool demeanor. The design itself is made so it could go in and outside of its shell, after all it is still an oyster! I like this direction so much and I hope y'all do too. Lmk what you think could make it even better!

Also I realized this while developing the design, but you can make a case for a surfer going against a wave to be a very fast immovable object :') muahahaha


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I thought it would be neat to make something with coral arms, which could probably extend to house other fish pokemon. Inspired by Grimmsnarl, but taking away the dark aspect and making it more bright like coral itself. Coral fairy...
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